P202 Technologies for Chip, Packaging and Modules


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The rapid development of white LED in the past ten years has been focusing on light efficiency and cost. Under the environment of new economy and new driving forces in 13th Five Year Plan, what are the development opportunities for LED industry? What are the latest development of manufacturing technology of chip and package? Flip chip LED into the mature period, its performance advantage and price adjustment affects not only the market trend of chip, but also the technology trend of package and module. The wide application of flip chip promotes the technological revolution of chip scale package (CSP) and FC-COB with high power and high light density, changes the situation that traditional package stents and high power ceramic package occupy important position. Recently GaN on Si based LED won the National Science and Technology Invention Award, become a hot topic in the industry again, how does it change market prospects of chip and packaging applications?

What is the latest progress and development tendency of technologies, such as LED chip process, package material, fluorescent powder coating, lens design, wafer level package and integrated optical engine driven by high voltage AC (DOB)?  What role do these technologies play in the industrial structure change in the future? Please pay attention to the latest development of chip, package and module technology.

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